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Specials and Events

February Promotions



Purchase A $150 Gift Card And Receive A $25 Gift Card FREE!

THIS is what your Valentine really wants.


Give the gift of rest and relaxation and let HER pick her fave treatments, presented in a beautiful spa gift bag. No wrapping required!


Don’t Miss Out On This Treatment

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles!


You can also lift the brow, decrease excessive sweating, and more!



Score With The Man In Your Life!

Valentine’s Day is not just about the ladies.


Treat the man in your life to Brotox.


You Can Love Them Now!

If you’ve tried everything to resurface and rejuvenate your skin, it’s time to call in the big guns. Photo facials rejuvenate the skin and provide remarkable results. We customize your treatment plan during an in-house consultation. Come in to learn more! 


Get Fuller, Kissable Lips!

Get the smoothest and softest lips ever.


Discover luscious and plumped lips now!

Score Big This Valentine’s Day!


Your Valentine will be head over heels about this sweet spa experience that includes a Cupid’s Cupcake Manicure, Pedicure, Facial and Exfoliating Massage OR you may choose to purchase any of these savory seasonal treatments separately! 



Cupid’s Cupcake Manicure ($35) and Pedicure ($60).

Available in Greensburg only


Cupid’s Cupcake Facial ($85).

Available in Greensburg or Shadyside


Cupid’s Cupcake Exfoliating Massage ($125).

Available in Greensburg only

Want To Indulge But Not Wreck Your Sweetheart’s Waistline?


These all-natural, paraben- & sulfate-free, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free USA-made products are pure decadence for the mind and body! 


Choose from Whoopie! shea butter crème, strawberry smash double moisturizer or the sweet cream salt scrub!

Fall In Love With Yourself Again This Valentine’s With Breast Augmentation!

To look your best, trust the best.

Dr. Lazzaro and Dr. Camp believe that with this surgery, not only are they enhancing the body but it has an impact on the patient’s lives. Patients return from their surgery and report a newfound confidence they’ve never had before, freedom in clothing options, and an overall improved self-image.

Come in for your consultation and see how we can give you the natural-looking enhancement you’ve been dreaming about! 

“I had a breast augmentation and my results were better than I had ever imagined they could be. Dr. Lazzaro and his staff are truly amazing and kind! They feel and look completely natural. I’d HIGHLY recommend Aestique to anyone looking for an upgrade!” – Deidre W.