Chemical Peel
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Chemical Peel

The Chemical Peel is an excellent option for people who wish to remove deep lines or wrinkles on the face most commonly around the eyelids or mouth. This is a deep peel which takes off the outside layers and stimulates underlying collagen to markedly soften wrinkles.

What is a Chemical Peel?

This is usually done with Phenol and Croton Oil that gives the face a younger more vital look.

Who is a good candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Patients concerned with “creepiness” around eyelids, deep wrinkles around the mouth or generalized blotchiness of skin.

Are there risks involved?

Complications are rare. You will remain pink (like a sunburn) that will gradually resolve by 6 weeks and is easily camouflaged by 1 – 2 weeks with makeup.

How do I plan for a Chemical Peel?

The best way to plan is to be on a good science based skin care program prior which stabilizes melanin inducing cells resulting in a more even tone. We recommend ZO Skincare which we have available at the Spa of Aestique or in Aestique Shadyside.

What happens during a Chemical Peel?

The skin is cleaned with alcohol than the peel solution is applied to the appropriate depth depending on the degree of wrinkling. Petroleum based ointment is applied to the area initially than intermittently by the patient until first post visit (6 days later).

What happens after a Chemical Peel?

Initially peeled area feel like a deep sunburn, it may ooz or crust. Petroleum ointment soothes area. Makeup may be applied by 6-8 days.

How long is the recovery after a Chemical Peel?*

This frequently is done with a mini or full facelift. It can be performed by itself and you can usually return to the public eye within 6 – 10 days depending on the depth of wrinkles being treated. In other words the deeper the peel the longer the recovery.

Disclaimer : * results are subjective and may vary from person to person