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Dr. Lazzaro is a highly experienced liposuction specialist. He is dedicated to remaining abreast of the latest developments in the field of plastic surgery, and is proud to offer the state-of-the-art body contouring procedure, Vaser LipoSelection. When performing Vaser liposuction, Dr. Lazzaro carefully sculpts the body by removing unwanted pockets of fatty tissue from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and/or neck.

What is LipoSelection®?

LipoSelection® is designed to reshape and slim an area to improve your body’s own natural contours, ultimately enhancing your self-image.

The LipoSelection® procedure is made possible by technology developed by VASER®. This patented ultrasonic liposuction system breaks up and emulsifies fat cells, making them easy to remove with little damage to surrounding structures. The result is a smoother contour, minimal scarring, and a healing period with less pain, bruising, and swelling.

LipoSelection® is designed to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissue when unwanted fat is being removed. The precision of LipoSelection® makes it an effective treatment for many areas of the body, including the chin, neck, and cheeks; the upper arms; the chest, the abdomen; the buttocks, hips, thighs and knees; and the spare tire area and stubborn fat deposits in the back. Scars are minimal and strategically hidden.

Who is a good candidate for liposuction with the LipoSelection® System?

Despite health and a reasonable level of fitness, some individuals still have disproportionate body contours due to localized fat pockets. These areas of excessive fatty tissue may be due to heredity, rather than a lack of weight control or fitness.

Liposuction with the LipoSelection® System achieves the best results when performed on healthy, stable men and women who are close to their ideal body weight. Patients with firm, elastic skin are ideal for liposuction with LipoSelection®, as their skin is more likely to re-form to their new, slimmer contours.

Patients with any uncontrolled medical problems or skin that has lost elasticity are not good candidates for LipoSelection®.

Are there any risks involved with LipoSelection®?

Liposuction is a very safe procedure, especially when it is performed using the LipoSelection® System. Still, Dr. Lazzaro wants you to be well informed about the risks involved.

Though complications during liposuction are rare, some risks include trauma (usually when multiple areas are suctioned), fluid accumulation (which requires draining), skin injuries, rippling of skin, brown spots (which could become permanent when exposed to the sun), and an uneven contour (which could require a second procedure). Patients who smoke are at increased risk of poor healing.

How do I plan for my liposuction procedure?

In order to meet your specific goals, you should speak frankly with Dr. Lazzaro about the cosmetic goals you would like to achieve through liposuction with the LipoSelection® System. At this time, feel free to ask any questions about the procedure, the type of anesthesia that will be used, costs, and any other services available at Aestique®.

During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your health, assess your skin quality, and determine where your troublesome fat deposits are. Also, you should mention any considerable weight loss or gain, and tell Dr. Lazzaro, if you smoke, take any medications, vitamins, or other drugs.

Dr. Lazzaro will fully inform you about how to prepare for liposuction. Pre-surgical considerations, such as any necessary testing, will be reviewed. They will also provide you with guidelines to follow regarding eating and drinking, smoking, vitamins, and medications. Keep in mind that catching a cold, or any infection, especially a skin infection, can require postponement of the LipoSelection® procedure.

What happens during liposuction with the LipoSelection® System?

Liposuction with the LipoSelection® System at Aestique Surgical Center usually takes one or two hours. However, the duration of the procedure varies depending upon the size of the total area and amount of fat being removed.

LipoSelection® uses a special hollow tube to suction out fat. The tube is inserted into the body through a tiny incision. The large, soft fat cells are broken up using ultrasound, and suctioned out with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.

Because a lot of fluids may be removed during the procedure, you’ll be placed in supportive garments that maintain circulation and help contour the skin following liposuction with the LipoSelection® System.

What happens after liposuction with the LipoSelection® System?

You should follow Dr. Lazzaro’s guidelines closely after your surgery. You may experience some numbness, bruising or soreness post-operatively. Your skin may feel unusually firm. These are all normal conditions. You will have to wear a snug elastic dressing, like a body stocking, for three to four weeks to help contour the skin. You may also be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection and, if needed, pain medicines to minimize discomfort.

How Long Is Recovery After Liposuction?

Dr. Lazzaro recommends that his liposuction Pittsburgh patients start a walking exercise program as soon as possible after undergoing liposuction, to maintain proper blood circulation. However, patients should avoid strenuous activities for up to six weeks. Stitches will be removed in five to seven days when you return to the office. Return to work will depend on the extent of the procedure. It is usually possible to return to work within a few days of surgery.

Once your body has healed, it is recommended that you maintain a sensible diet and exercise program. That way, you can maintain your body’s new contours throughout your life.

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Liposuction is commonly used to assist in a variety of body contouring procedures, including tummy tuck, body lift, and some breast reduction surgeries. In addition, some women undergo liposuction in conjunction with breast augmentation in Pittsburgh, a combination known as the mommy makeover when performed following childbearing.

If stubborn pockets of fat have been keeping you from having the figure you want, liposuction with the precise LipoSelection® System can help. At Aestique® Medical Center, our talented Pittsburgh plastic surgeons are experienced in the LipoSelection® procedure and will be attentive to your needs throughout every step of the process. Contact Aestique® Medical Center today to schedule your liposuction consultation.

Before and After


This 25 year old was extremely self conscious about redundant fat in the trunk and back area.  Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the circumferential trunk and back area to give her the smooth contour she was looking for.

AGE  25     HEIGHT   5’ 2”      WEIGHT  160

PROCEDURES    Lipo to circumferential trunk and back


This 42 year old complained about redundant fat of her trunk and back area after having kids.  Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the circumferential trunk and back area to smooth out her silhouette.

AGE  42         HEIGHT   5’ 7”     WEIGHT  162

PROCEDURES    Lipo to circumferential trunk and back


This 66 year old complained about fullness to her upper arm area and fatty tissue.  Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the tricep area of the arms.

AGE  66      HEIGHT   5’ 5”     WEIGHT  172

PROCEDURES    Lipo to arms


This 64 year old complained about a tired look, jowling and laxity in her skin as well as her turkey neck.   Dr Lazzaro performed a facelift procedure as well as submental liposculpture to give her that clean jaw line.

AGE  64     HEIGHT   5’ 1”     WEIGHT  152

PROCEDURES    Submental Liposculpture


This 45 year old complained about redundant fat on her thighs despite exercise and diet. Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the bilateral thighs.

AGE  45         HEIGHT   5’ 5”     WEIGHT  139

PROCEDURES    Liposculpture bilateral thighs